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I am a DC-based yoga teacher with a full-time job on the side and a passion for learning new things.

I started yoga mostly for the physical benefits, but now I practice so I can turn inward, connect with the quiet, and take a few deep breaths. These days, you can find me teaching yoga and meditation at Tranquil Space, a Yogaworks studio, in Dupont Circle on Wednesdays at 8 pm and occasionally at Vida Fitness. Once in a while, you’ll see me leading a Doga class (because if there’s one thing I love as much as yoga, it’s dogs, so why not combine the two?) If you take my classes, come up and introduce yourself. I find the best part of living in DC is meeting other yogis.

By day, I’m a communications strategist at AARP*, where I work with a fantastic group of people who are challenging outdated stereotypes about aging that hold us back, no matter what our age. Think about it: have you ever heard (or said) “You’re too young to…” or “I’m too old to…” (fill in the blank.) Why? Age is a social construct that’s being challenged by millions of people of all ages, every day. If you haven’t seen AARP’s “What is Old?” video yet, I highly recommend it.

I recently completed a certificate in gerontology at the University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education. It really helped me think differently about how I teach yoga and how I think about the current state of aging at my day job.

When I’m not teaching yoga or at work, you’ll find me walking my pup Mocha (pictured here) along the Anacostia, catching up on my podcasts.

*opinions on this blog are my own



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