Great Workshop on Yoga and the Brain


I recently went to an awesome workshop by Baxter Bell, M.D. at Sun and Moon Yoga Studio.

He reminded the class of the Mayo Clinic’s six key recommendations for healthy aging – eat healthy foods, get physical exercise, be socially connected, reduce stress, sleep well, and continue to be mentally engaged. Yoga can help with all of those things.

For my 500-hour yoga teacher training, I held a workshop on yoga and the brain and wrote a paper on the topic. My theory was similar to Dr. Bell’s, but I focused on three ways yoga can help the brain: #1, it helps with sleep; #2, it reduces stress; and #3, it builds mindfulness, the ability to be aware of the present moment, which involves a lot of brain activity in the areas of the brain that help with focus, concentration, and executive functioning.

Check out Dr. Bell’s blog, Yoga for Healthy Aging.

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