Yoga Teachers: 3 Tips for Reaching Beginner Yoga Students Outside of Your Class


As a yoga teacher, you’re always looking for ways to introduce yourself to new yoga students. After teaching yoga for nearly ten years, I recently went back to school at Northwestern University to study content strategy to learn how to market my business. Through this work, I found two recent articles on yoga that can help other yoga teachers think creatively about how to expand their market of potential new students.

For example, community columnist Carol Kovach recently wrote about Lakewood, Ohio’s Spooky Pooch Parade, which brought 2,500 people and at least 350 dogs together for a costume parade. What was different this year is that, for the first time, the event included a doga class hosted by Lakewood’s Pink Lotus Yoga studio. Hosting a specialty yoga class at an event that’s not about yoga is a great way to catch the interest of someone who may not be ready to walk into a class at a gym or a yoga studio, but who is willing to give it a shot at a fun community event with family or friends.


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Yoga specialty classes are also a great way a yoga teacher can give back to the community by raising funds for a local cause and meet new students at the same time. Nancy Alkire of Columbus Underground recently wrote about local yoga teacher Karine Wascher, who partnered with the Columbus Zoo on a “Slothvasana” fundraiser class with sloths.

Based on these unique approaches to expanding yoga into the community, here are 3 action items you should consider when you’re creating a specialty class to reach new yoga students.

Put Yoga Second. Think of something you are passionate about and design a yoga class around that

Find Public Events. Rather than making folks come to your class, consider partnering with an event that will already bring large groups of people.

Breathing is Critical. Make sure to incorporate breathing exercises at the beginning and end of class—a valuable tool for beginning students that experienced yogis will appreciate as well.

As you build your marketing strategy, have some fun bringing yoga into your neighborhood. It’s a good way to get your name out there, expand your base, and meet new yoga students who may not yet be ready to take your class in a studio or a gym.

What ideas have you tried to market yourself as a yoga teacher? Share your ideas with #yogaincommunity

Diane Renzulli teaches yoga and meditation every Wednesday evening at YogaWorks Dupont Circle, and she teaches as a sub at Vida Fitness Yards location.

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